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Questions to Ask When Buying a Property in Hua Hin

Unfortunately, buying a property isn’t as easy as buying a dress where you have an option to return it and exchange before seven days if you’ve discovered it doesn’t fit you well. Once you’ve bought a property, there’s no turning back. Hence, it is crucial that you’re going to educate yourself properly before you make a decision. Here are the following must-ask questions that you need when it comes to buying a property in Hua Hin.

  1. May I know the value of the house through the latest property sales report?

Do not overlook this factor. Most people tend to ignore the importance of this question where in fact, every buyer should know the value of the house that they are interested in buying. You need to know the worth of the house that they are selling for. A recent sales report with other similar properties will allow you to compare the price of the Hua Hin real estate for sale that you are interested in buying and to ensure that you are not overpaying nor underpaying the house.

  1. What is your reason for selling the house?

Knowing the reason behind selling the house is also fundamental. It can help you with the negotiation of the price and can save a lot of money. Some vendors are looking for a new property to settle themselves, selling their old house in the process. If this is a deceased estate we are talking about, then you need to run it through the auction.

  1. How long has the property been for sale?

Determine the number of weeks this Hua Hin real estate had been on the market. If it exceeds six weeks, then there must be something wrong with the house why buyers are not interested. It might be overpriced, or some complications make it impractical to buy the house. Correctly-price properties are sold in less than six weeks, keep this in mind especially if the house had been to an auction but is still for sale until now.

  1. Are there any related issues with the property or the neighbor’s property that I need to know of?

You might want to know the background history of the house because it can help you make the right decision. Know any other past issue or a potential issue with the house before you finally sign the contract because as what we’ve mentioned above, there’s no turning back. Do not just rely on their answer to this question. Do your own research. If you are lucky enough, some honest vendors will tell you if something is going on that can affect your decision of buying the Hua Hin real estate for sale or not.

These questions can help you to make a proper decision when it comes to buying a property in Hua Hin. Keep these questions in mind and be mindful of the answers of the vendor or the agent. In that way, you can rest assured that you are buying the right property in a reasonable amount of price.

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Top 3 Universities for the Real Estate


The Real Estate job is an interesting and a skilled one. The agents must first understand the statistics of the property market they are working. They must know at what prices the property or the land is worth at the current time.

Real estate professionals are becoming very popular and high in demand these days. The business has come to its peak, and many people buy and sell properties and make money out of it. Individuals who are not aware of what to buy and what to sell approach real estate agents or brokers who assist them in what property to buy and sell. These agent and brokers make a lot of money out of this.

What is Real Estate?

The term real estate refers to the property, Building, land and any other resources which are present on the farm like crops, mineral, the air above it or the water in the area, etc. The real estate industry works by the concept of producing, buying or selling the actual estate property. There are various types of real properties like the constructions of new buildings for domestic purpose, residential use, industrial and commercial. There are real estate companies which help you to choose and buy these properties at a price. These companies also provide real estate brokers who assist you in selecting your desired property based on your requirements.

The following are some of the top Colleges for Real Estate Programs:

  • The University of Pennsylvania.
  • University of Wisconsin – Maddison.
  • Terry College of Business – Athens.

University of Pennsylvania:

University of Pennsylvania

The University is a private university founded by Benjamin Franklin in the year 1981. The school has produced many distinguished alumni in which 14 people were the head of states where 2 of them were the president of the Country. The University has also developed billionaires, United States senators, governors, U.S house representatives and the signers of United States Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.  It is one of the best colleges and stands third after Harvard and Stanford.

The motto of the college is “Laws without morals are useless.” The current president of the United States of America was an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania.

University of Wisconsin – Maddison:

University of Wisconsin – Maddison

The University of Wisconsin – Maddison founded in the year 1848 is a Public research university. It is the oldest and biggest public University in Wisconsin. The real estate’s degrees offered ranked of the top in the Country. The Faculty of the University of Wisconsin are highly trained and have many years of experience in the field. The programs offered by the university are BBA, MBA. Executive MBA in real estate, MS, MAcc and Ph.D. degrees.

Terry College of Business – Athens:

Terry College of Business – Athens

The Terry College of Business established in 1912 is a business school in the state of Georgia. The MBA programs provided in this college are considered to be one of the best in the country.

The real estate programs introduced in the college in the year 1960. Courses such as BBA, MBA, Ph.D. and housing programs got presented.

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All That Who Have To Know About A Real Estate Appraiser!


Real estate appraisal is simply an alternative phrase for property valuation. It is the process of framing an opinion on the value of a real property. Real Estate Appraisal plays a major role even today because it is not possible to have a set of pre determined values as for as properties are concerned. Every property is unique, and valuation rules differ from one another. Now the term real estate appraiser is not alien anymore. Real estate appraisal is the act and person who performs it is the real estate appraiser. But it’s not over. There is one more term you have got to learn, and that’s the Appraisal Foundation

Real Estate Appraiser

The Appraisal Foundation

There is something called The Appraisal Foundation, forget what they are doing, not many of us know that they even exist. They are private not for profit organizations. This foundation has under its roof three other boards, namely the Appraisal Practices Board, Appraiser Practices Board Appraisal Standards Board. However, these boards function independently and do not influence each other. The foundation gets funds from federal grants, by offering services and from potential sponsoring organizations. Every qualified appraiser is a part of this foundation, or in other words, you become a licensed appraiser only when you are taken in as a member, by the Foundation.

Steps to become a licensed appraiser:

It is not pretty hard to conceive the steps to become a licensed appraiser after going through the points mentioned above. However, let’s get things done without room for any ambiguous assumptions. The following are the steps involved:

Get a formal education:

Find out the list of classes that you must attend and the schools that provide them. In few states, it is possible to get yourself trained even before getting a license, check in which category your states falls into.

Trainee License:

Obtain a trainee license for yourself. Once you are done with the training part, that doesn’t usually end without passing few tests, you will be getting your trainee license.

Look for a mentor:

Find an experienced appraiser who can be your mentor. An experienced person will help you understand the nuances of the real estate business which otherwise you might not know. Look for someone in the known circle. Probably the person will educate you better

Get a job:

Though you have a mentor who can educate you, a working experience can help you stay more updated, and your knowledge gets better. There is nothing nicer than putting your knowledge to test in an actual work environment.

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Crypto currency for real estate


Real estate might sound very complicated and vague to many of us. All these people trying to buy and sell things can confuse us in the beginning. It is not quite hard once you get to understand the basic terminologies and the concept of the real estate investing. Say for example you are trying to buy a property but you are not sure what to buy or where to buy, and the costs may confuse, so you can consult the people called real estate agents who will help you with the purchasing of property.

Crypto currency for real estate

What is Real Estate?

The term real estate refers to the property, Building, land and any other resources which are present on the farm like crops, mineral, the air above it or the water in the area, etc. Real Estate Business deals with the process of buying and selling properties.

All these buying and selling of property deals with the cash transaction, and we have a lot of trouble dealing with these transactions. The banks might take commissions, or some third party may require some money. Many businesses all over the world face such difficulties in various operations. To our rescue, we have the top trending topic in the world which are the Crypto coins.

Crypto Currency In Detail:

Crypto currency is becoming very prevalent these days. Their values are growing on a vast scale as it provides you with the convenience that real money does not provide.

Virtual money also called as Digital currency is a kind of a digital coin that you can send over the internet, these coins represent values that are not issued by the banks or governments, but is accepted by people as a means of payment or services.

Digital currency has many advantages as compared to other money transactions. Traditional banks charge fees to process transactions, this increases the cost of everything you buy. Digital currency can be sent to person to person, Business to Business without going through a bank. There is no transfer through banks, no transaction fees needed, your account does not freeze, and there are no arbitrary limits.

The Crypto coin in Real Estate:

The Crypto coin used for the real estate transactions is Brick coins. Block chains underpin the Brick Coins and backed by the REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). The REITs invest in properties and exchanges are made with stocks. The brick coins are managed and tracked by block chain technology. Many people have started to invest in crypto currencies.

Some of the other companies which provide crypto currencies for real estate investments are:

Rex (Real Estate Revolution):

The REX functions on the Eutherium blockchain. REX will save your time administrative costs. The architecture built in such a way that REX can connect the vendors, buyers, and sellers.


A unique token ID created for every property gets listed in the real estate. The token id will have the record of the prices, rentals, income, etc. When you buy these tokens, you are buying the property.


Bit Property Company is aiming to be one of the top companies in the Real Estate crypto transactions.

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